Contrast adjustment not active on resume

Just noticed something a little odd with current version of OSMC on a Vero4K+.

I run 1080 systems and with 4K mkv files, I need to punch up the contrast as the HDR->SDR conversion is far too muted for my display. Recently, the functionality to adjust contrast within Kodi was enabled, and as this is remembered on a file-specific basis it’s a good solution for me. However, suppose I set the contrast to 60% and stop playback. On resuming playback, the visible contrast has reverted to standard, but if I pull up the Kodi video adjustment menu, the contrast value in the menu is 60% - the moment I then adjust it, the visible contrast adjustment kicks in. So it looks like the stored values of the contrast adjustment are not being used on resume, but they work when adjusted in-stream. I have tried this with several files and behaviour is consistent.

If necessary I can post a log but hoping the problem description is clear enough.

How are you resuming playback? A stop and play again, or are you pausing?

Stop, then I press play and select resume.

That’s expected.

Otherwise you should choose ‘Set as Default for All Videos’.

I find that very odd. When I pull up the the video adjustment menu on resume, the adjusted contrast % is showing, but only for titles where I have adjusted it - which makes sense - except that it is not active - which does not make sense. Surely if the adjusted % is stored for the file, it should be referenced on starting playback?

There’s a bug in the brightness/contrast code. Should be simple to fix.

That just sounds like those sysfs params aren’t poked by VideoPlayer init; just on change in video settings. Should be an easy fix

Thanks for the follow up, look forward to the fix.

To what extent are there plans or scope for looking at the SDR conversion? Default contrast is always far too low, my Panny UHD player does it pretty well. I need to set Kodi contrast to about 55% to match it, which delivers a considerable lift to highlights. Will this be better with v18 ?

Plans - yes! Scope - not sure yet. Hoping there is just some wrong assumption been made in the kernel drivers which just needs correcting.

Temporary workaround: it seems if you start a vid, stop it, then restart it it does observe the brightness and contrast settings you set in the last session.

Not in my case. Whether I initiate playback from the start of the file or from a resume point, the stored contrast settings are definitely not being applied - they only activate if I adjust during playback, then the contrast visibly jumps to the level I had last time.

I think just setting these values in AMLCodec open will do the trick
I can add it this if you’re willing to test.

Very happy to test, thanks.

I’ve looked in to this.

On resuming playback, the visible contrast has reverted to standard, but if I pull up the Kodi video adjustment menu, the contrast value in the menu is 60% - the moment I then adjust it, the visible contrast adjustment kicks in.

This is because SetVideoRect() is only called at the start and when an OSD (such as the brightness box) is brought up. I’ll get this fixed later today.


Thanks Sam, appreciate you looking at this.

This is now fixed and will be in the next update.

Hello Sam,

This problem is still present for me (with the latest public version) on my Vero 4K+.
I’ve set the contrast to 53 and force “Set as Default for All Videos“.
But each time I launch a movie (stop/play from either start or resume), the contrast is actually back to 50 instead of 53 (even if in the video setting value 53 is well displayed).

While using a White Clipping HDR10 file, you can easily see that the contrast is the default one (50) not the one displayed in the setting (in my case 53).

This is only concerning the contrast, not the brightness (tested with black clipping hdr10 pattern file).

For the moment, as WA, I’m just increasing/decreasing the contrast at the beginning of the watch.

FYI, I’ve bought the HDR10 pattern files from
So I cannot provide you those files, but I’m sure you are already using them too (or equivalent).


I thought we had fixed this. I’ll check this out


The adjusted contrast value is stored, but not activated when playback is reinitiated. For example, I could set contrast to a burnout bright 100, stop playback and re-start, and pull up the in-play video adjustment settings, and it will say that the contrast is set to 100, but the picture will clearly show that it’s 50. The moment I adjust the contrast, it will jump to the stored value.

I’ve noticed this same issue, contrast is stored but not applied when starting playback. Only seems to kick in when you make a contrast adjustment.