Control or output conflicts question

While setting up Vero4K+ as headless device I have some question.
The Vero is connected to two of its outputs, the HDMI connection and the audio jack. These are connected to two of the respective many available inputs to an AV amplifier. These may be selected using Control point app from phone.

The outputs from the AV which are connected are an HDMI output (passthrough for video?) and speakers.

There are two intended uses for the Vero; either showing video through a projector with supporting sound or; playing just sound with no projector installed. The speakers are permanently connected to the speakers.

Should I use the HDMI connection for both uses or should I select the audio from the Vero as preferred input for sound (no projector) and could I create a conflict between various potential control points?

I can’t immediately think of any advantage to using the audio jack if your AV has hdmi input.