I am brand new to all this and just about to install a Home Cinema.

Would like whole thing working off an iPad using Contol4. Is it possible for Control4 to work with a Vero box?



From a quick google it looks like it will, but you would better of asking this question:

OSMC is an operating system, which kodi sits on turn off; control4 will interface with kodi.

Thanks Tom.


I just need to get the Vero remote control to work with Control4, so would that still be Kodi?


Sorry I think I miss understood the question, I thought you were trying to use Control4 on the ipad as a remote.

How would you like the vero remote to interface with control4?

Thanks Tom.

No it’s me! That’s exactly what I want to do…

But I think it’s beyond my skill set :frowning:


I can’t other any advise on control4, but if you wish to control vero/kodi; i just this:

Thanks Tom.

It seems very possible, look at this:

You’ll need whoever set up your Control4 system to add Kodi as a device.
I don’t know Control4 very well but the system we use has IP and IR drivers for kodi.

It looks like it can work, but OP has cancelled their order. Unless we receive other requests for support for this; it’s unlikely we’ll develop things further.

Looking forward to receiving my 4K+ in a few days. I’m wondering if there are any users here with experience with the above free driver. I have a control4 system that automates a number of AV configurations and lighting scenes and I’d like to add the vero/kodi to this system. I’m not an C4 expert but typically control4 prefers IP drivers to communicate with the device, which in this case is kodi. Any feedback on you experience integrating the vero/kodi with C4 would be greatly appreciated.

I’m digging into this whole thing myself, as my 4K+ doesn’t appear to be working with the current older Control4 driver I have (I believe from Recluse AV). It previously worked even with multiple clean installs of OpenELEC/LibreELEC right out of the gate, while I had zero luck with OSMC so far…

It probably just uses JSON-RPC. Make sure IP and credentials are set properly and that should be it.

It should work on Krypton but does not work on kodi18 because there have been some protocol changes which means the driver connects but can’t control it. The author of the driver. Chowmain, is aware and will change driver once kodi18 comes out of beta. There Is a thread on c4forums dealing with this.