Controller for osmc and rerropie

Hello, i have updated osmc to the lastest Version and installed RetroPi with Retrosmc.

IT works fine but the Wireless xbox360 Controller is flashing on Led Ring.

I want to play with my girlfriend together and it would be nice if two controllers working.

Im Not Sure what i should so now.

I want Play in RetroPi Games and Controller osmc. I have installed in osmc moonlight-embedded to and want Play Dome Games. For all i need Working Controller.

Xpad ist lastest Version from 2018 and xboxdrv seems Not be continued developed ?

Is it better to buy 2 new BT Controllers (can anyone Show an Controller that Works?) Or is it possible to make the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller works fine ?

On retropie i can’t install xpad because the kernel headers from Linux not working

There i can only use Xboxdrv.

Thank you

Forget about fiddling with xpad and whatnot. Since October 2017 or somewhere around that time, the 360 wireless controller works out of the box with OSMC. No need to install or configure anything, if you just want to control Kodi/OSMC with it.

Almost the same for RetrOSMC, which is a full RetroPie installation since a couple of versions as well. Install OSMC, run mcobit’s install script for, launch RetrOSMC for the first time and go through the controller mapping dialogue that pops up if you start it for the first time.

The LED ring flashing is a minor nuisance, yeah, just don’t constantly look at it. :wink: It’ll be fixed with Kodi 18 anyway, and that will include RetroPlayer which will eliminate the need for using mcobit’s install script.

As for a second controller, I haven’t tried it myself yet, but the description on GitHub/Wiki looks promising.

Do you know when kodi 18 comes to osmc?

The Alpha Post is from Dec’16


When the kodi team announce that kodi 18 is stable

There are testing builds you can try, depending on your device:

Thanks Tom.