Controlling BBCiPlayer from Phone

I have Vero4K+ with BBC IPlayer addon installed. It is working just fine playing videos from my NAS using either Kodi Remote or BubbleUPnP on phone, but cannot play BBC from phone.
Is there something I should adjust to make addon work with phone app?

I think you will need to use iPlayer add-on via Kodi and control it with a remote app


Hi Sam, I do have the iPlayer addon installed already. It is just controlling iPlayer from phone which fails. Works well from remote but my problem is the Vero will be behind partition and inaccessible when in final position, hence my need for using phone app.
Many thanks for the reply anyhow.

The phone app should let you control it.
But the supplied remote is RF and should work well through walls etc

I need to put this another way. With the phone app I am using (BubbleUPnP) I can select videos OK but how do I navigate to the iplayer which is not shown in video library?

I don’t think you can. You would need to use an app like Yatse or Kore.

As @sam_nazarko said use YATSE or Kore if your phone is running Android.
I’ve just checked both and they control the Iplayer app just fine.
If your phone is an iPhone I believe Kodi have an official IOS remote control app in the app store.