Controlling OSMC with game pad

It’s suggested in this thread that other game pads can be used with some minor changes. Is it true? Anyone done it?

I am in the same boat as adamericson in the above link.

What exact gamepad do you have?
Is it a xbox clone controller or just a generic usb pad?

A generic usb pad

So that will most likely not work for controlling Kodi. It is compiled without joystick support afaik.

I think @sam_nazarko wanted to try building it with --enable-joystick for testing but I don’t know if that ever happened.

If someone can build it with --enable-joystick and they get a positive result that doesn’t regress input support, I’m happy to make this change.

Building Kodi for OSMC is very simple.

git clone
cd package/mediacenter-osmc
make [DEVICE]

Building right now. Anything special to test for? IR/Keyboard/CEC controller regressions?

I’m interested in too. I have a Buffalo SNES USB Controller plugged, it will be nice to be able to use it as kodi controller too.

Ok. That didn’t work. Looks like we have to wait for Kodi 17.

Sorry to here that. Eagerly waiting for Krypton :slight_smile: