Controlling Relay board with analog output using raspberry pi

Hey I wanted to control high power relay board by sending 0-5v analog output signal.
Is there any good way convert the Digital GPIO input to convert into 0-5v analog output ?
Any lead on this will be appreciated .

I would say not the best Forum for that question. I belive on the raspberry forum you get faster and better an answer for that question.
While I would there are most likely already answers out three that google will show you

As fzinken said best would be the raspberry forum or better still a electronics forum.

Having said that depends on what values you are going to get from the analog output. Best would be to use a comparator chip which drives a transistor to turn the relay on and off. You can set the threshold based on what values you expect.

The problem with using a analog signal and trying to convert it to digital (on/off) is at some point if the voltage is at the exact value between high and low it will cause the relay to turn on/off quickly.

Best would be to use a digital output of you can.