Controlling TV volume with OSMC remote

I assume the OSMC remote’s volume buttons are supposed to be able to control the TV’s volume over CEC. But when I press the volume buttons on the remote, only the internal volume changes (the one that is on 0.0 by default). Could this be some kind of handshake problem between the TV and the Vero?
FYI: Controlling the Vero with the TV remote does work, so CEC is at least working in this direction.


A CEC volume control will target the audio device in the HDMI chain - ie a receiver or soundbar. In my limited experience a TV doesn’t pretend to be an audio device so what you are expecting won’t work.

But I’m no expert.

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Okay, thanks for the clarification.
So if I would connect a soundbar with ARC capabilities to the TV’s HDMI (ARC) port, should the OSMC remote be able to control the soundbar’s volume?

Like this:
Vero → HDMI → TV ← HDMI (ARC) ← Soundbar

I think it does work like that on my Panasonic TV with ARC to my Yamaha AVR. I don’t use that configuration much.

I just tested it and can confirm that this works.

Is it possible to use some kind of IR profile to control the TV’s volume with the OSMC remote?
My Apple TV remote does that. When the Apple TV detects the soundbar, it uses CEC to control the volume of the soundbar. When the soundbar is not connected, the Apple TV switches to controlling the TV via IR.

The Apple remotes have IR built into them, the OSMC remote does not. The OSMC remote basically presents itself the same as a keyboard would so any kind of special signaling would have to be implemented with some sort of custom IR blaster setup and I’m not even sure how one would get started if they wanted to head down that path.

As far as how the CEC side of it works, AFAIK it only works if Kodi is able to see a CEC device on the bus that identifies itself as an “Amplifier” type device. I’m pretty sure I’ve run across conversations on the topic where Kodi devs found that most TV’s did not respond to volume control commands from the CEC bus so they basically just programed Kodi such that if it does not see an amplifier then it just adjusts volume internally (non-passthrough and AC3 conversion only). Unfortunately I don’t think there is any method to bypass this behavior. The keymap function is just volume actions (ie there is no action for sending CEC or preamp specific volume messages) and if you try to bypass Kodi and send the CEC commands via the OS by keymapping a script then it breaks CEC working in Kodi after you issue the first OS level command.

I had spent some time in the past trying to figure out a solution to this type of situation. I came to the conclusion that their probably wasn’t one short of someone adding new code to Kodi to allow for this. I’m not a programmer so that was the extent of where I got on this topic.

Understood. Just asked out of curiosity, because I thought the OSMC remote also had IR capabilites.

No it doesn’t. Although I’m not sure about the earliest models.

The first remote from 2015 was white and IR based. The newer remotes in black are RF only.

My Vero+ remote used to control the TV volume but stopped doing it a few months ago. I couldn’t get it to work again so gave up. It still controls my amp volume ok though.

You could try powering off everything at the mains for five minutes.
That usually fixes CEC issues.

Thanks but I have done this many times for other CEC problems since this one!