I have installed the new Krypton update and everything looks fine and works well.
I’m using my OSMC for music only.
What I’m missing are the controls to controll the music. next > | < previous | volume up / down etc. OSMC is controlled by a keeboard. Where do I find this controlls?

Is this what you’re looking for?

yes and no. Yes - this is something i need! And No - almost none of the keys work as described and expected. Probably due to the fact that I do not use a standard english keyboard.
And most of all - I’m looking for an on screen visualisation of the commands used to control the music (if there is one)
Thank you

Did that same keyboard worked before the Krypton update with that keys?
For the “visualisation” you might need to explain a bit more, also was this something that was in Jarvis or just a general feature request.

Yes, the keyboard worked. (and works now)
What I mean by visualisation is that small progressbar, showing while playing music. With indicators for left, right, volume etc. When I play music now, there is no indication for next, previous, volume etc. OSMC only responds on the up/down keys by moving the highlighted Titel up or down. Pressing enter then executes the command. E.g. move up/down one level.
There is no more control visible/executable :frowning:
thank you