Converting & saving video/audio files on Vero 4K+

Hi – can i use Vero 4K+ to convert formats of video/files stored on local NFS drive and save the output to the same local NFS drive? if so, is there a way to launch such processes in the background (i.e. command line) instead of hogging Kodi?

Thanks, S

video and audio encoding/transcoding is a very CPU intensive process so it would probably run incredibly slow on the vero even if you got it to work somehow.

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i have little insight in this but guessed vero was built for these kind of processes, esp when hardware acceleration is used. also my vero box is idle a lot and i figured i could run those processes on it during that time, instead of my laptop

I’m pretty sure hardware acceleration can be utilized just for the playback but not for other tasks but I’m sure some of the more knowledgeable people here will help you out.

I just know from experience that my i7 extreme was running at 100% load for 3-6 hours when I was experimenting with some 1080p video encoding

The Vero has a hardware encoder but it is a real-time hardware encoder; which means that it will prioritise speed over filesize and won’t give the best results for long term storage of media.