Cool Upgrade Vero 2 Kodi 16.1-> Vero4K Kodi 17.1

I’m happy and more better my wife also…
I do like that:

  1. Use only manual Update for Osmc
  2. Use MySql for database,and NAS for your files.
  3. use 1 (or more)Vero for production, and 1 Vero for test and updates.
  4. When you don’t have the time to debug something, don’t start with version xx.0, wait for xx.1; That it isn’t a Kodi experience, it’s coming from real life IBM and Oracle experiences.
  5. Install the new version to your (test) Vero.
  6. Try it … look for issues, take a look to the forums (OSMC, Kodi),
  7. Take a look to all your skins and add-ons
  8. and when you are ready and happy (explain also to your wife (or your guy((sorry))) skin and add-ons changes) switch your box from test to prod

For me for this upgrade, two OSMC issues, (with Forums threads),

  • one (advanced settings save), with a devel solution from Sam
  • one (CEC and SONY TV Bravia) the solution was to change the HDMI cable.

And Sam ( and other forums people) perhaps can sleep a little bit more, and can tike time to look forwards for Vero.

Edit wife or guy, some time the wife see things better.

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But for the settings, I loss today the settings (debug not enabled) when I start the box this afternoon (skin Estuary),
I see on the screen , OSMC start, then sad face, restart mediacenter, and the screen switch to OSMC skin.
I try to clean up my logs, and enabled debug.
(See) you later … when I’ve something to tell.

Hi @michael47

That sucks. I did a lot of testing with @bmillham who could replicate the loss of settings reliably, and he said it was solved. It’s possible though that there are other problems.

Usually sad face only appears on a new update. Did OSMC update recently?

Did you only lose skin settings, or other settings too?


Can we see logs here? So we can follow your update process up until now?

Sure for skin settings, i fall back to OSMC skin.
For the rest, i must clean up some features.
Before I lost my settings the first time, i’ve create a second profile, and i 've some issues with it’s. (can’t select the skin a second time = masterprofile = metropolis = second profile= can’t select metropolis for the new profile).
After the patch, i’ven’t recreated a new second profile. And I’ve some error messages in the log. Also I must verify some settings,
I try tomorrow, but probaly I can’t do it before Thursday. Sorry, but it’s real live. My wife also use Vero4 Kodi 17.1, and she like .(if it don’t change the skin).

Okay – with profiles it may be a bit different (and potentially unresolved), but I did try and fix this scenario as well.