Cooling solution for RP4 and Hifiberry DAC+

RP4 with Hifiberry DAC+ might become very hot. Due to limited space none of the commercial solutions will fit. Will overheating become a problem with this configuration? Has someone a DIY solution available?

OSMC isn’t even available on the Pi4 yet buddy, you be better off asking on the Pi foundation forums.

Is there a solution for RP3?

Maybe someone can help here, but this is a hardware problem mate, surely the best place to ask is either Pi forums or Hifiberry forums?

My RPi3b doesn’t have any overheating issues with a HifiBerry DAC+ Pro :man_shrugging:t2:

In my case it’s necessary to cool RPi3 with HiFiBerry Digi when playing Netlix streams, otherwise CPU slows down due to high temp.

The information that I have heard from interviews with the people who make the Pi is that the Pi 4 was designed to be operated mainly running sprints and not under continuous load. The way they see it is that most people will use the device in situations where it sits mainly idle most of the time with just occasional bursts of high CPU load. Thus they designed it so under what they would consider “normal” use it would have very good perceptual performance and people using it for something more would have to come up with a workaround. If you don’t need the max speed it offers i’m sure the internet has info on underclocking and undervolting it to reduce the heat.

Unless you are actually seeing problems I would not worry about it. When it heats up too much it clocks down but keeps running. If you are not getting noticeable fluctuating speeds it is not an issue. In any event it is not going to burn itself up unless you do something silly like doing a force_turbo.

Can you present your setup for cooling?

interestingly I think I remember reading that x265 content on the upcoming OSMC for pi4 will decode in software, which is always gonna generate more heat.
perhaps @sam_nazarko can chime in here?

Yes — it will be decoded in software for the time being.

you can get a fan solution and a dremel to cut into the case and setup a fan done that for one of my rpi powering the fan via gpio but for this you gotta make sure that your psu is up for it.

The Flirc RPi4 case should act as one large heatsink, seems to be the best solution for passive cooling (w/o Hifiberry).

Here is a quick review of the Flirc case for the RPI4:

My RPI cooling is based on a single 12V low noise fan connected to simple cooling solution I made for my AV cabinet :slight_smile:
The fan HA60251V4-1000U-A99 SUNON - Fan: DC | axial; 12VDC; 60x60x25mm; 23.32m3/h; 10.7dBA; Vapo; 2500rpm; HA60251V4-A99-A | TME - Electronic components is connected to simple rotation controller kit, which is supplied with power by another simple kit for fan control (on/off).
No rocket science, no fan control from RPi :slight_smile:

All this stuff sits behind the central speaker.

If you don’t care what it looks like you could probably use a 90 degree GPIO adapter and then pop on one of these bad boys…

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This could be visible from behind the speaker :smiley: and I need to mount HifiBerry Digi, so no, thanks pal :slight_smile:

That is what the 90 degree GPIO adapter was for. As for the visibility you could just tell your friends that the stock Pi only goes to 10 so you had it modified to go to 11.

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Thats the case im planning on getting…I held off because of the price of shipping, more than the case costs.
Im hoping a UK/Europe based reseller has stock soon, like their previous cases.

How exactly would someone fit a Hifiberry DAC+ into a FLIRC case? There a a piece of metal that runs vertical from the CPU and even the DAC+ zero looks like it would interfere.

It is a lovely case otherwise. I’m quite happy with mine.

Pimoroni has a fan shim for the RPI4 which shouldn‘t block any GPIO pins and should fit under the HifiBerry. Maybe you need some spacers to get some more clearance.

Here‘s the link: Fan SHIM for Raspberry Pi