Coordinating TVH & OSMC Channel Numbering

Current configuration:
RPi 3B (v 1.2),
OS: OSMC (KODI 20.1),
Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD dual USB tuner
TVHeadend 4.2.8.

TVH scan successful. Hardware & software appear to function as expected. TVH EPG correctly lists channel names and numbers. However, the numbers (e.g., 38-2) are not reflected in OSMC. OSMC simply lists channels in chronological order. How can I get OSMC to display the ‘correct’ channel number?

So, this is not really OSMC related but more belongs to TVHeadend and the PVR client you are using.
What PVR client you’ve chosen?

Here I use TVHeadend + TVheadend HTSP cient and it looks like this

I have also had this problem on occasion. I needed to clear all TV data. The option is found in Settings… Live TV… General. Once done, KODI will import the backend TV numbers with the station.

Thanks for the responses gentlemen. My version of TVHeadend client does not have the option indicated by JimKnopf (“Use Channel Numbers from Backend”); at least not under “Settings>Live TV>Channels”. My “third” option on that page is “Allow backend channel numbers with more than one PVR Add-on”. I may try enabling this option to see if it helps.
I’ll likely first try wbeard52’s option of clearing TV data & reimport from TVHeadend.

I’m using the OSMC provided TVHeadend HTSP client. Clearing/re-importing did not resolve my issue. However, I note that on enabling “Allow backend channel numbers with more than one PVR Add-on”, “Use Channel Numbers from Backend” became visible. Enabling this option has resolved the initial issue, and now channel numbers are properly imported. However, TVHeadend has now imported duplicates of each channel. I’ll revisit TVHeadend. I likely have scanned muxes twice in my original configuration. Thanks for pointing me to this resolution

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Regarding channel duplicates: Go to

GUI -> Settings -> Add-on browser -> My add-ons -> PVR CLients -> TVheadend HTSP Client -> Configure

and look for more than one configrations there like shown in the picture attached.

If you have more than one TVHeadend instance as a source (e.g. on several servers), you can make parallel configurations, a separate configuration for each instance.
Problem: If you have accidentally created several configurations for the same TVheadend server (e.g. the local one on the current system), you will also see the channels duplicated accordingly.

I also find the default name ‘’, the loopback address, very confusing, but names are smoke and mirrors.