Copy config settings and skin from PC

I really don’t speak Raspberry Pi at all, so your patience is appreciated. I am wrapping up a major Kodi upgrade on my Win7 PC, and have used RP / OSMC as remote clients in other rooms. I would like to ‘simply’ copy the configuration settings and skin from the final Kodi Win7 build to OSMC (PVR, skin, menu, add-ons, favorites, etc.) - is this possible?


You can transfer some things, but not all. There is a program add-on called “Backup” that you can find in the Kodi repository that will allow you to choose what to transfer. The main thing you must not try to copy is guisettings.xml cross platform as that will crash Kodi. Unfortunately this is where most of Kodi’s settings are stored. Your skin specific settings should be fine to transfer though. The settings for your PVR client should also be able to transfer but the add-on itself is probably platform specific so it don’t try to transfer that. Really your best bet is probably to just transfer the add-on settings and not the add-on’s themselves. I would just manually install your add-on’s on the first RPi, restore from backup, set Kodi’s settings that you couldn’t transfer, and then once that is all configured then you can do a backup of that now configured OSMC box and use that to copy everything to any other OSMC boxes.

I’d asked a similar question in this thread RESOLVED: Data migration from OSMC/Vero 4k+ to Windows Kodi - Help and Support - OSMC Forums and the final resolution which worked was using the official Backup addon. However, since it there were different skins involved, I didnt select the backup option to migrate GUI settings. I also used Trakt to synch libraries across both devices, and did not migrate databases.

Worked like a charm. Hope this helps.