Copy paste / copy move?

Is there a way to copy or move files within the Pi2 / OSMC set-up using just the Pi2 … not SSH or FTP

I’m wanting to organize watched videos that I have on an external drive … to be able to move them from “Dir-1” to “Dir-1 watched” so I know which i’ve seen

is this possible with Kodi / Pi2 / OSMC ?

I have a Keyboard and mouse and wifi “Keyboard/mouse/remote” connected


You can tell Kodi to hide things that have been watched. That might be one way to do it.

Use the file manager under the settings menu.

A smart play list is what I use for this… Just use a rule of play count greater than 0 and another play list of play could equal to zero. That way your main library maintains everything which is handy for guests etc.

You can also set it so that watched files simply aren’t shown in the tv /movie sections… Check your settings under video for this.

Thanks for the suggestions … I’ll check into those options and see if any are what I’m looking for.

I did see the “hide watched” option … but wasn’t sure that would be what I want … as I still want them avail for others in house to watch.

Well, you can always uncheck that option when needed. However, in Library mode, all the files from all the sources are brought together into the categories the sources specify. “Watched” and “Unwatched” TV Shows will both be in TV Shows together in Library mode.

Or, you fan sftp to your Pi and manage your files like that.

Doesn’t the library have an indicator for unwatched, in progress and watched?

I used the file manager … Thanks! … once i looked up the controls / keys all was good

Spacebar or 0 to select and “c” to bring up action menu