Copy settings to new SD card

I am about to install OSMC on a new RPi 3 moving from an old first-gen RPI. I want to keep all my settings but will be getting a bigger SD card. I’m a Windows user and see that win32diskimager is the preferred way to make a total backup but I expect this will only work if I use the same size of SD card? Is there a way to just copy settings? Or what is the best way to achieve what I need?

Use the backup addon from MyOSMC.
Instal a fresh copy on the new card and restore the backup.

You could not use the 1:1 copy from the Pi1 anyhow


The authorised method is to copy /home/osmc/.kodi onto a fresh install. Alternatively, you could try this:

Edit: fzinken’s right forget the second solution

Thanks. I am thinking about trying the same solution: my sd crashed after an
electric cut. I can access to the files inside the SD, and I am thinking about creating a new install and copy the config

The thing is I dont only have omsc, but I have also installed qbitorrent, with lots of active torrents, and a shutdown script.

Is there anything more that I have to copy? Thanks in advance