Copy Watch History from Old Vero to New Vero

I would be surprised if this wasn’t asked already on the forum, but I’m not having any luck finding it.
Sorry if I’m just bad at searching.

I would like to transfer my video watch history from an old Vero 4K device to a newer Vero V. Where is the file location where the watch history is kept on Vero? I assume maybe I could copy this file over to the new Vero. If there is an easier way or more steps involved, please point me to the latest instructions.

Edit: To be clear, watched history from files played from a local hard drive.

Is watched history stored here?

I believe there isn’t a “watched history” per se but rather values stored for “play count” and “last played” which are stored in the database. The file you pointed to is a video database for Kodi v20 and if you transferred that to another Kodi instance it would transfer the video database which includes the aforementioned information. If you exported the video library using the settings>media>library>export> option that information would be included there as well.

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Perfect! Thank you very much. It was surprisingly hard to Google the answer.

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Alternatively you could have used the MyOSMC backup function