Copying media from USB stick to USB HDD on Pi 1

Hi guys, my first post here but have been a long time fan of Raspberry Pi’s and OSMC…

I’ve just set up an old Pi 1 for my dad, it’s a simple setup with an externally powered HDD connected straight to the Pi with a variety of films and tv shows in his library. The Pi is connected via ethernet to a powerline adapter which runs to his router.

Every so often I bring round a USB stick with some new media to copy but it’s a bit of a long process, unplugging the HDD from the pi, and connecting both that and the USB stick to his PC to copy files over.

Is there a simple way to connect the USB stick to the Pi and use OSMC / Kodi to copy straight to the HDD using the GUI and the Pi itself to transfer files? Or if not, can his PC transfer files to the Pi? I’m just keen to leave his external HDD permanently plugged into the Pi as it’s all tucked away.

Thanks in advance.

Yes you just can plug in the USB stick (assuming your power supply provides enough juice) and then you have file manager in Kodi that you can use to transfer the files

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Well that is also possible with the help of the Samba Server from the App Store

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Great thanks, I’ll try that.

Works a treat, and feel a bit stupid that it was sitting under my nose after all this time!