Correct Black level for LG C8

Just got the vero 4k+ and loving it. Just trying to figure out if I have the right black level settings for my TV (LG OLED77C8PUA).

TV ”Black Level”: Low
Kodi “Use limited colour range (16-235)”: enabled

Are these settings correct?


Glad you’re enjoying the device.

TV black level is probably a matter of personal preference.
16-235 does not need to be enabled

Do let us know if you have any questions



Not sure what Sam means. You should normally have limited range enabled. Full range would only be needed if you were using a PC monitor or perhaps a TV in ‘PC’ mode.

That was my reaction, too. Could you elaborate, @sam_nazarko?

I read the article posted, but the comments in there also dispute the article. also now confused because @sam_nazarko is saying Limited is subjective and doesn’t need to be checked.

Although their might be edge cases particularly with people using computer monitors and certain games etc. the article should provide a pretty solid foundation of what the setting is and why you would set it one way or the other. For your particular application you are displaying video from a device to a TV that was designed around 8 bit color in a limited range. Your videos are going to have their maximum black set to 16 (ignoring what the real names and numbers are for simplicity) and your TV should also understand 16 as pure black. If you instead set your TV to use a full color range it then will assume pure black is 0. So the end result is that with limited color range on the TV displays blacks as fully black and with full color range pure black becomes very dark grey. The same issue happens on the other end as well. If you reverse the issue and your source is set to full and your display is set to limited then you loose detail and your colors are screwed up. The long and the short of it is that you want everything to speak the same language so you are going to want that set to limited.

The other setting you asked about “Black Level” is likely a matter of personal preference and application. I assume that it is probably a setting that you would want set to darker blacks if used in a dim or dark room and set the opposite if there’s a lot of ambient light. Probably best to play a movie and change it to see what effect it actually has in your environment.

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No, he’s saying black level is subjective. Limited/full range has nothing to do with the black level setting on the TV.

Is it possible that the limited/full-range setting only does something when the output is RGB, and that YUV is always limited anyway?