Corrupted sd card

How can I fix this error?

You need to reinstall OSMC. You can try a Gparted LiveCD and repairing there but this isn’t recommended for the long term

You may need a new card as well. I recommend you take a backup before reimagine

My card now has two partitions, one of 250 MB and one of the remaining size. When formatting OSMC files are not deleted. I do not know what to do.

If you are unable to reinstall OSMC on the card then it is faulty.

Yes, I can reinstall it, but my card has two partitions. On a partition is OSMC and on another called “Linux” there is nothing. I formatted the card with SD Formatter and did not delete anything.

Try to change some file, or create a new one, anyware on that card. Eject it and inserted back.

If your change didn’t survived, the SD is faulty, as Sam said.

I have modified a file and the reinsertion of the card on the computer does not show the changes. Is there no solution to this problem?

You can try reviving it, but would you trust it from now on?

Yes. How can I revive the card?

If formatting with te SD formatted doesn’t for at it and if you try editing files on there and they don’t change then I fear your SD card is faulty and there is nothing you can really do to fix it.

If it was me I’d ditch it and get a new one.

Some reported that a full format (not quick format ) helped. In my case it didn’t. I’ve played with dd command because I couldn’t believe that a SD card can fail so fast.

The best advice is to replace the card.