CouchPotato Autostart

Hi all,
I´ve managed to install both couchpotato and sonanr to automate my downloads on my RP2 using the latest version of OSMC. Sonarr is working great but i´m having a problem with couchpotato. I´ve followed this guide to perform the installation since my linux knowledge is null.

I´ve come to the part where i can launch successfully the CP daemon with:

python /opt/CouchPotato/

Everything works fine until i close the SSH program and the daemon is closed. First of all i would like to ask why doesn’t the daemon keeps running when i close the program?

My problem comes up with the creation of the init.d Script as referred on the guide. i´ve changed the user and location to osmc on the scipt but for some reason CP still doesnt autostart. Can anyone shed some light on what might be wrong?

Thanks a lot for the help.

Here is a more tested version then that one redo and use this instead

Cool thanks :blush:.

But now how do I unistall my current version of CP.?

sudo rm -r /opt/CouchPotato/

Hi thanks for all the help. I´ve been able to strat the daemon and it´s working good. Unfortunately if i restart my RP the CP service doesn’t auto start. I suspet that i did something wrong following the guide that you gave me. On the fourth step when is says:

sudo nano ./init/couchpotato.service
To change line, use “ExecStart=/var/lib/CouchPotatoServer/ --daemon”
To new line, use "ExecStart=/opt/CouchPotatoServer/ --daemon

What am i suppose to do?

What i did was copy exacly what is refered:

Description=CouchPotato application instance

ExecStart=/opt/CouchPotatoServer/ --daemon

And then Ctrl+C, Y Enter to save. Was this the correct way of doing it?

Thanks for the assistance.

Ask the guy that wrote the howto :slight_smile: im not touching couchpotato or sickrage since it is a greyarea

Tnx for your understanding regarding this // Toast

I think that your script is installed correctly, but your startup script didn’t correctly. Can you please try command (you can look at guide, I fixed my mistake):
sudo systemctl enable couchpotato.service