Couchpotato on the Vero: don't try it!

Dear friends,
after some time spent ironing out installation problems I have setup an rtorrent/rutorrent seedbox running in the Vero and also Couchopotato feeding torrents to rtorrent.

While the maximum CPU utilization of rtorrent is 15-20%, couchpotato when active quickly hovers to 90%-100% and so would interfere severely with a smooth playback.

Disabled ! Amen ! :slight_smile:

I noticed similar behaviour installing CouchPotato on a Pi to develop it for the OSMC App Store. The solution will be to limit the amount of CPU resources it can consume.

When I eventually add it to our App Store, it will be optimised so it doesn’t cause playback performance problems.


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Very good to know Sam. It’s a cool app especially to remeber movies you’ll want to see in the future. Thank you

Mmmmh I just installed it on a pi2 but didnt play a movie or tvshow since this moment.
Thanks for this information.
(may be you just should reduce the frequency of cron tasks)

You could try using ‘nice’ to adjust CPU priority temporarily.


Interesting. I have Couchpotato on Raspbian on a Pi1. It’s idling at 0.5%. With no CPU limit.
The first time it scans files it takes a while and uses all the CPU. So be sure that’s complete first.

To me it does this very high CPU usage every time it restarts. So every time I fireup the web interface I’ll have several minutes of high CPU drain, after which yes the usage goes low, but I think it will do this periodically via cron and so it could happen during play of a movie with negative effects.

Starting it up (service couchpotato start) makes it eat a lot of CPU for a few minutes. But when I just open the web interface it goes up to 60% for a few seconds and goes down to idle again. I don’t think 60% is enough to mess with playback. Even on a pi1.

But I have vero/pi’s on all the time so the restart thing wouldn’t be a problem for me.

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Ok nice to hear. I’ll test firing up CP while I’m watching an high bitratio movie and see if it can bear with it.
Need to have my new TV arriving first since the experiment on the broken one will be hard to perform :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No issue on pi2

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So if your pi2 works well Vero should be able to do even better. Good. Thanks.