Could I use a web browser on the Vero 4K

I’m running Kodi on my Vero 4k. It has been working just fine as a media server for many years now. I was wondering if could hook up a keyboard & Mouse to it and Launch a web browser. The purpose is to present what I’m doing on the browser to the other family members in the room. Today I pull out a long HDMI cable and plug from my laptop into the TV. I’d like to launch a browser on the Vero and use a wireless keyboard & mouse to remotely control the Vero for browsing on the big screen. I was going to use a Raspberry Pi for this, but The Vero is already wired up to the TV and it’s Linux so should be able to launch a browser? Is this possible?


I believe it’s been done before and is still maintained

@joakim_s will be your guy.