Could not connect to repository

Fresh Vero V out of the box, updated to latest (2023.08-01), and went to install addon’s and get the following when accessing the default kodi add-on repository of “could not connect to repository”.

Logs can be found at

line of possible interest…
2023-09-11 22:59:01.413 T:2926 error <general>: CRepository: index has wrong digest d9f3420cfa72aeef34398d2373bd458061c9f195cec1ecfa6833f9566f5f9bc6, expected: 237a73279a60bc53bb878cc18e2f61efffcac86264afa2af77dd12f5624c9dd7

no issues from other repos or installing official addons from zip from the official kodi addon repo

Go to settings>add-ons> and then open the side menu and select the check for updates option.

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Thank you. Resolved now

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