Could sd card that doesn't work in pi2 work in pi3?

I bought a noname 64gb card in hope that it would work, but no luck. It works on the PC and in a phone that i tried. This is the first setback i had since installing osmc, now i’ve got a little bit of hope left. I’m getting my pi3 within a few weeks time and i was wondering about the chances of getting it to boot on the pi3 when the pi2 just shows redlight, like if no card was inserted.

Anyone had experience like/with this?

Probably not going to work.

Avoid no-name cards, they don’t perform very well. You won’t need 64GB or anything like that for running OSMC, but if you must use a large card, you probably want one that performs well.

Thanks Sam, I figured as much, yeah noname was a shot in the dark. Everything has gone so smoth with the pi2 and OSMC I just had to try my luck. Will try once the pi3 comes,else i’ll use it as mp3 storage on the phone.

Well it worked abit :slight_smile: , installer started but couldn’t write to root. So i’m using it in my phone instead.