"Couldn't download information"

This is on a Vero 4K+ running the October 2020 update.

I have movies and TV shows on an external drive plugged in via USB. When it goes off and scans, it sometimes completes, but not always. It often pops up a dialog that says “Couldn’t download information - Unable to connect to remote server. Would you like to continue scanning?” If you select “yes” it continues on. I captured the logs and they’re at https://paste.osmc.tv/ihuvubamus . As near as I can tell, the failure happens when the server returns a 422 error. Is this a known issue? Is it possible that there’s something about the movie name which gives the information scraper gas?

As I am typing this I see old messages going back a few years where other people updated some scraper files and that fixed their problem. I will try that, but this seems more sinister.

I also was concerned that perhaps it was a Wifi connectivity issue. I have two radios here. One is a modern high security 2GHz/5GHz device, and the other is a 2GHz radio that runs WEP (needed for older stuff I have) but is secured through ethernet MAC address filtering. That sucker is a rock and never fails. I connected the Vero in through that and after several forced library updates I was able to get another failure.

I’m going to to look through the addons for a way of getting new movie database scrapers, but if there’s a known issue that deals with HTTP 422 errors, that might be handy.


Go to settings>media>videos>use video tags> and turn that off. That will probably take care of part of your issue. Your file naming scheme is not particularly helpful to scrapers. Ideally instead of something like this…

The Pajama Game [1957 - USA] (Doris Day) musical comedy/The Pajama Game (George Abbott & Stanley Donen, 1957).avi

It would be…

The Pajama Game (1957)/The Pajama Game (1957).avi

Although depending on scraper settings (and video tag reading turned off) only the folder or file name will be important. If you want to keep that kind of format (without it causing problems) you would have to format it in a way that the proper name can be separated from the extra info and a custom advancedsetting.xml entry made for a cleanstrings using a regular expression to hide it from the scraper. Alternatively you could make NFO files so the naming of the file and its path wouldn’t matter.

Thanks! I wondered about that file name, since after putting on the logging I got a few failures with that movie. I’ve been collecting movies for a while and I’ll bet I have quite a few that have long names with annoying characters in them. Cleaning up the names wouldn’t be a terrible idea anyway.

I will try turning off the video tags and then try and force update crashes again. it was just helpful to see the suggestion to log, and how cool is it that the Vero can upload its own logs? I was going in via SSH to view them.

I appreciate the suggestion and the quick reply!

Is there a crash, or are you just referring to the 422 error? I’ve not seen that error but that video tag reading setting causes issues with some mkv files and your file naming scheme on some is causing incorrect searches to the scraper. I assumed the 422 error was because of one of those. If your getting a crash that would be a bit different as you would normally only get those with a NFO file that contains some type of error.

Poor choice of word then - I meant the update died and popped up a message. The device kept functioning and the log seemed to suggest that the event that cause the alert was the 422 error.