Couple of minor things with going back to earlier update

Not critisms but just incase it helps others, as I have done it twice in the last few days.

Not included in the backup file
a) IR remote choice
b) HDMI control settings.

I also found that the USB stick you boot from is a one shot. Used it to boot and revert to earlier verion. When I tried it again it did not work, but if I created it again with OSMC installer it did.

That’s so that when the device re-boots it doesn’t boot from the USB but from the new installation.

Which HDMI settings? Do you mean CEC?

This is on the radar to be looked at when that backup feature is next worked on. There is not a timeline for that currently however.

This is a bad idea because you might restore from a different device (Pi to Vero) and different TV or AVR setup.

None of these are an issue at all and took me a few minutes to sort out, but my sharing them here might help others doing similar to me.

Thanks for replies.