Cover art for music

sorry to ask such basic questions, but is there a guide to how this works please?
I have Kodi on my Windows m/c, & have thumbnail jpg entries in the folders, which Kodi uses.

However on Vero, some albums show art, some are blank, just trying to determine how it works, & how to update the ones which are blank? I’ve searched wiki, but couldn’t find a basic guide.


Well you either have to ensure everything is named properly so that it can be picked up by the scraper (and it needs to be popular that the scraper finds it. Alternative you copy the cover art into the folder where the music is located.

ok, thanks - that’s useful. Presumably the ones I have with art either have them embedded, or are found on a lookup.
It seems to work ok if I add an entry to the album folder, called folder.jpg, where it’s blank.

Is there a way of just refreshing / scraping just the albums I change, or do I need to do a full re-scan any time I change anything?

edit: spoke to soon - I put an entry called “folder.jpg” into one folder, did a full music re=scan, & still shows as no art?

Files that have already been scraped will not update with a new scan of the library. You can navigate to them in the library, bring up the information window, then click refresh.

Ideally the way to setup a music library in Kodi would be to run all your music through MusicBrainz Picard to add MusicBrainz identification tags to your files.

I don’t see an info or refresh option (using Chorus)?

I don’t know if there is a way to do this in the web interface.