Cover art

I wanted to have cover art for my movies I have on a Samsung external hard drive that is connected directly to the vero
After trying to follow the instructions and links I have been unable to get anywhere near

But now what is really bugging me is when I go to videos/files
I have my PC showing, movies 2,upnp servers
And I just want to remove them but after trying cannot remove these sources
How can I clean this up?

Then try again to get the cover art
From what I have read for this after pressing videos/files/ should be pressing and videos, browse
Then I get lost
Any help would be appreciated

Managed to remove the sources to clean up
Option to remove only appeared after a reboot

Thank you sorted it out
I did actually look at this but did not look in the root folder
Many thanks

Whist on this subject of cover art is there any way I can add my own as some covers I don’t like

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While the answer of rich001 hits the spot, I might add

which lets you select from a range of different posters. The more known a movie/series is, the more posters usually are available. For example Alien (1979) lets you choose between these 135 posters:

Since I prefer a movie’s poster to be the one used during its initial screening in its original country, I use this option a lot. You can also use it to distinguish between different cuts of a movie, for example the theatrical cut and the director’s cut of Aliens (1986).