Crackle addon not working

On our Vero 4k, when we select the Crackle addon, we get the following message:-

Crackle error
Check the log for more information

I’m afraid that the log entries do not give me enough of a clue as to what action to take. I’ve tried removing the addon and re-installing; and power cycling, but the message is the same.

The addon was working ok originally, and i’m not conscious of us having done anything untoward.

logs //

hoping somebody can point us in the right direction.

many thanks

Which country are you in, as Crackle is normally geo-locked to the US (according to Google)?

Hello Zanderzdad,

we’re in the UK, and used Crackle fine with no problems at all for many weeks before this ‘error’ happened.

we do not use a vpn.


Perhaps they have tightened up on it recently.

you may well be correct, I’ll do some testing via a laptop, and post back my findings later today,


The add-on broke recently, due to some DRM changes on the site.
It’s fixed now to a degree, but I don’t know if the fix has reached the Kodi repo yet.

Easiest way is to download the latest zip from github and install that.

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excellent, thank you very much.

i can confirm that crackle is now working again (it seems slightly updated) from within the UK (without vpn).

Thank you so much for posting this fix, and also to Xanderzdad for the earlier advice.

Season’s greeting to you all,

A happy hippo.