Crackling noise - problem with playing DSF (DSD64,DSD128) hi-res SACD audio files files from NAS

I just upgraded my Vero 4K+ to the latest firmware (2023.06) and I found that my DSD hires music files even the stereo ones are unplayable, not to mention the multichannel ones. I had no problem with the previous firmware versions, I’m using the same network and NAS, but it seems Vero’s processor or network handler is overloaded with other tasks so it cannot handle these big audio files properly.
I also found that when it is playing other audio files like FLAC, and I start to browse quickly up and down in the library, the sound stops similarly. Seems like an overloaded CPU issue.
Anyone experienced any similar issues with the new firmware?
If its not a known bug, is there any idea how can I find out the root of the problem?

I can reproduce this on the one DSD sample I have here. Flacs seem OK - even 8 channel ones.

Yes, FLAC is fine here as well, I had to convert my DSD multichannels to FLAC to be able to play them. I just found that some DSDs are playing for a while after rebooting vero but after a while the same problem starts.