Crash during movie play

Yesterday my Vero got stuck.

To restart the only way is unplug/plug the power cord.

When I do this all the logs have disappeared and the starting date is reset to 2019-02-14.

0 c48ab06631d24f51ab33a93f421f951c Thu 2019-02-14 11:11:58 CET—Wed 2021-09-29 09:27:28 CEST

At the end I have only the log of the last boot…

That is the log from 2019-02-14 up to 2021-09-29, that should have you crash shown.

kernel log

full log

Would be good if you also add the grab-logs -A so we see the corresponding kodi.old.log

Pay attention, I just discovered that this crash was not the kind of the subject of this thread (vero crash during standby) but a crash during a movie play
I’m sorry I was not at home…

I split your new problem off the original thread.

Sorry for the confusion.
This crash during the movie play happened only once since I use Vero.

Maybe it’s just bad luck

No worries, overall the logs are quite confusing as the time is jumping as it is not correctly set on a crash.
But yes, it seems that the Vero crashes without any trace

Sep 28 20:32:05 buesi kernel: hdmitx: audio: hdmi_ch: 0 speaker_layout: 0
-- Reboot --

@sam_nazarko is there a method that the time is updated not only on a clean reboot but also from time to time? Would make reading logs easier.

I’m not sure – how often does this happen?

this crash (during the movie play), is my first time since I use vero.
maybe is only bad luck…

the crash during the stand by (the original issue of this thread) it happens after 1 week (more or less) of stand by.

But, the strange behavior is that before the hard reboot (unplug power cord) with the command journalctl --list-boots --no-pager i could see all the reboot since when the logs are activated. After the hard reboot, only one!