Crash into bootloop

Hi folks,

my trusty Vero 4K (non +) has problems.
Some time after the march update I found the device stuck in a bootloop. Please wait → Logo → back to please wait → repeat.
I flashed the newest build via sd card, set everything up and enjoyed it for a while, just to find it stuck in the bootloop again today. I tried flashing the december build, which worked for a good hour, but eventually crashed into the bootloop again.
Im unable to provide logs, because I can only reach the system just once after another flash. If the log of a clean build would help to understand the problem I surely will flash it once more.
Could a dying power supply be the problem?

Thanks for any help.

Is Kodi crashing or the OS? If it’s just Kodi, you can still SSH in and get logs to determine what problem Kodi is having.

Sounds like a PSU issue.

I cant reach it via SSH. Doesnt surpise me, since the whole device seems to be restarting each cycle.

That would have been my next and my next best optimistic guess. I will order a new one and will reply.

If you can measure the voltage on the USB ports while booting that might confirm the diagnosis. But you’ll need an analogue voltmeter or oscilloscope.

After having it unplugged for a while, I was able to boot back into the system. I activated logging and report back after I get some logs after crashing.

Is it getting hot?

Right now: 67° C
I saw temperatures around 88° C today, after scraping the library again. This might be high, but not critical in my understanding.

Not critical.

Still running. Played around with updating the library, activating bluetooth and wifi a bit. Getting 83° C. Appears to be stable, but I smell a trap. Will switch to a new power supply, after it arrives. I keep observing.

Update and end [sic!]:
I changed the PSU and the outlet. Running stable for a couple of days now. I even “dared” to update, no issues at all.
Sorry for having bothered you, people.

Edit: I jinxed it. After running days without problems on the Dec. 2021 build, updating led to a crash into bootloop again after less than 24 hours. Im flashing the old build right now.

Edit Edit: There seem to be some serious issues now. I can flash an older version succesfully, but seconds after booting into the menu, the vero crashes and starts into the bootloop again.

Two additional observations:

  1. There is a high frequent noise, when the PSU (doesnt matter which) is plugged into the vero.
  2. The vero wont start with a PSU connected alone. Only after plugging in a powered USB 3.0 Hub it will start to boot(loop).

Im out of ideas now. Please help.

Can you show us a photo of the power supply you are using (the replacement)?

Of course:

Edit: Any ideas? I do suspect that something is wrong hardware wise?

I apologize if I seem impatient, but I dont know what to do right now. My Vero wont get out of the bootloop anymore and is unusable at the moment.
Did it just die of age and natural causes? Should I pick up a new one and hope for the best?

Can you show a video of this loop?

I will record one.
I dont expect much news from it though. Its basically the “Please wait”-screen, a short blank (black) screen, the logo/splash-screen, a short moment where the power seems to go off and on again, followed by the “Please wait”-screen again.
Like I said, it will only “start” this far, with a powered USB-hub plugged in.

Trying to shoot a video from the loop today, I found the vero not giving any video output anymore. The LED is blue for about 30 secs, switches to red for a second and is back blue again. It will stay red, if I only use the PSU and not the additional USB hub. Looks like this:

I tried leaving out the AVR and connect it directly to the TV, no changes, no video.

If the LED is red, it means two things (usually):

  • The device is overheating – in which case UBoot will hold off booting until the device cools down sufficiently
  • The device is not receiving stable power

If the device is not powering anymore via the barrel connector, even with a different PSU, this could suggest some damage to the device’s power circuits. While rare, this could be caused by a sudden power surge or storm.

We can get back the device and take a look, but given the age of the unit and the fact that we don’t manufacture it anymore, there may not be much we can do.

Something is definitely wrong with the device recieving power. The high frequent noise seems to be leading in the same direction. I tried two different PSUs and a lot of wall outlets.

Sending it back and forth to the UK with unknown success seems unreasonable. Especially since I dont want to wait that long. I do understand that its not a new device and guarantee has expired a long time ago. But there is a bad taste left, since I treated the device well, even put it on an overvoltage protected socket, but it died without a plausible reason.

I like osmc and the spirit, although it was often a lot more work than I thought. But I am really unsure now, if my next device will be a vero again, since I lost a bit faith in its sturdiness. I really dont know what to do right now…

You could get your hands on a USB A-A cable and try powering via the USB instead (do not have anything plugged into the barrel jack port when you do this). There have been a few people posting success in somewhat similar situations.

As an aside, in that picture you posted there is only one suboptimal place you could have that Vero sitting, and that is exactly where it is.