Crash on selecting TV PVR or Radio because of thumbail creation at original resolution

Kodi application crashes/restarts (not reboots): sad emoji.

Priority (in my eyes):
Low. I found a workaround for the time being, it’s a uncommon setting so affected installations will be low and there’s probably a bunch more important stuff to do since the epic kernel+Kodi update.

When does it occur:
When accessing TV PVR or Radio sections.


OSMC remote dongle and external bluray drive (external usb power).

Logs: (redacted: log lines listing my tv recordings).

Helpful information:
I have discovered the following lines of advancedsettings.xml to be responsible:


Which (according to Kodi documentation) would skip the scaling process of thumbnails and save them in the original size/format. What gave the cause away was this line in the log:
cached image 'special://masterprofile/Thumbnails/8/889162cc.png' size 9999x9999
Upon removing the corresponding lines from advancedsettings.xml, Kodi stopped crashing. It’s not a Kodi issue, because a desktop installation of Kodi 19.1 on Windows does not have this issue. That leaves it as OSMC or Vero4k specific issue.

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Although I can’t think why we would change Kodi default behaviour, we’ll check it out, thanks.

Thank you very much @grahamh for putting it on the issue list. As that was all I wanted, should I mark your post as solution or rather not mark it as such yet?

While it still might be bug on OSMC that may be need to be looked in. Using that option to have fanart > 1080p doesn’t make much sense as the recommendation for GUI is max 1080p as otherwise you have performance issues.

We shouldn’t be shipping advancedsettings.xml with these values.
Just to clarify: you made these changes yourself?


Correct @sam_nazarko, I’ve made these changes myself. They were copied over from my Windows setup and did not cause any trouble pre-v19 on my Vero4k’s. My train of thought for configuring these was:

  1. Skipping downscaling will prevent a loss of image quality.
  2. Skipping downscaling will save some cpu cycles (at the cost of storage).

I get the point of fzinken that the GUI doesn’t render images over 1080p, which would be a good point if the issue was about downscaling 4k fan art images. Here it seems though (as far as I can tell) as if the thumbnail creation process is trying to downscale (or upscale?) tv channel icons, which are .png files nowhere near that resolution. Shouldn’t they be excluded from additional image processing?

Note that my log represents a (pretty much) clean profile that was created just to demonstrate the issue. This was done to keep the log free of distracting things like addons, log lines exposing my library etcetera. I suppose that this caused some confusion about whether or not these settings were shipped.