Crash (sad face) due to HDD?


Kodi has just started crashing to sad face and the culprit appears to 1 hdd in particular. This is a portable one and plugged directly into Vero.

I have run fsck and it says it’s clean. The log is here:

Thanks in advance

If the drive is drawing power via the USB from the Vero, it’s likely that the drive is starving for power. Get a good powered hub to power the drive.

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Funny you should say that as I plugged it into my hub and seems okay so far.

I am surprised tho as running it like that for 6 months with no issue and also it’s a portable drive after all.

It could be that the Vero power supply has slightly degraded over time, or as the drive is aging it’s drawing more power. We’ve always recommended that portable drives be connected to a powered hub.

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Spoke to soon as it’s starting a crash loop again. It does a library scan after ui reloads gets to 100% tv lib scan then crashes.I have disabled lib scan at start up and it’s stable now but not a long term solution.

Are you using TVDB? There was a problem yesterday, but it was supposedly resolved. Logs may help see if you are having the same problem.

:slight_smile: Yes, just came across that thread on kodi as it did seem quite coincidental.

As I imagine the majority of users with tv content use TVDB, it might have saved me an hour or so of messing on if a blog post had been put up!

We thought that the problem had been resolved yesterday. Looking on the Kodi forums that appears not to be the case.

We are a small team, and don’t have the resources to constantly monitor Kodi forums for possible issues. If you had just looked through the last day of posts here you would have found your answer.

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I appreciate you are a small team and I’m usually extremely happy with the support you provided. I did search here but I erroneously thought the issue stemmed from my hdd.

So to my mind, issues affecting all users should be flagged. Even a banner or pinned post to alert rather than users having to trawl posts and to avoid you having to answer the same question multiple times.


There is a banner topic regarding the issue. This was added a little after your original post.



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