Crash scanning a specific music folder

OSMC (sadface) crashes every time I scan/open a particular folder in my library. Last few lines of kodi.old.log is pasted here.

Pi2, Hifiberry DAC + pro, OSMC jan release.

EDIT: I have tried a number of things to narrow this down. The crash happens when trying to access the files within a folder called (2005) Guero. Even when the files are individually moved to their own folders, they all crash when that folder is opened.

There is another folder in the same directory level (2005) Guerolito which is a remix of the previous album released in the same year which I thought this might be the issue. I have uploaded the cue files of the folders. I removed Guerolito thinking that might fix the issue but only removing the folder Guero seems to work. Perhaps this was because I did not clean the library before trying that…

(2005) Guero
(2005) Guerolito

Not sure this is an OSMC issue…

Thanks for the heads up, I will look into that now.

EDIT: Thanks, that was it