Crash when analysing WMA file

Hi there.
I have been plagued with ‘sad face’ screens for some time. I first thought it was random.

The crash is happening whenever I scan the libraries for updates or when I browse a given SMB directory. At first I did not get a particular file.

I disabled the watchdog addon.
I checked my SMB access to my NAS.
I moved the Kodi database to MySQL. I planned to do it but never got the chance. I did it because I thought it could come from corrupted database after a power outage.

I finally got a kodi.old.log with a CSMBFile::Open line at the end. It was a WMA file. I checked I could access it from another computer. I converted it to MP3 and Lo! the issue still happens, but on another file later on the scan.

I have looked for a similar issue on the net but I may have missed it.
I am on Vero4k. It still happens with the August update.
I could not remember at what point in the past it didn’t happen (I have not added much to my music library recently).


It looks vaguely similar to Segmentation fault playing audio files over SMB - #15 by Airacobra

I’m having the exact same issue.

I can tell that it has to be OSMC related. I was using Kodi under Win10 before and there the crashes did not occur. I don’t think WMA and Linux are best friends :slight_smile:

Ofcourse I want to get rid of wma files but that’s not something I can do in 1 day. And probably other people can come across this issue too.

So a fix would be great :slight_smile:


Were you using the same version of Kodi?


I used both in the past v17 and v18 … both were fine for the last 2 years and had different updates.

Let me know if this is still an issue after Kodi v18 stable is released for OSMC and I will investigate.

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Hi, just came accross this problem.

Debug log shows this as the last line:
20:54:57.432 T:3887067888 DEBUG: CSMBFile::Open - opened smb://USERNAME:PASSWORD@nas/Media/Musik/Jazzanova/CD I/01-4 Hero-We Who Are Not As Others.wma, fd=10000

Then Kodi crashes, there is the sad face and it restarts.

I’m on testing, 2019-02-08 with Vero4k+.

On two other devices (RPI3 and PC) with LibreELEC 9 the music database scan works.

Full log:

I can confirm that this is definitly related to the OSMC build for the vero4k. I have a Raspberry pi 3 with OSMC december build and have the same OSMC december build on my Vero4k both pointing to same music library on my NAS and it only crashes on the vero. I had to take out all my wma’s and it scans fine.

Can you try with a Kodi v18 test build: [TESTING] Kodi v18 release builds


I am also having same issue on kodi v18 (Not testing)

On all of my RPI s same library works wonders

It is working if I copy the same file that does not work onto internal storage

I have this very same issue (WMA files over a SMB share make Kodi 18 crash; with latest OSMC release from November 2019). I thought that’s a problem with the new music library thingies from Kodi 18 and some of my music files and didn’t bother to investigate – but now I did.

It works without a problem, if you mount the SMB share via /etc/fstab instead of via Kodi, as is explained here: Configuring fstab based Samba share mounts

Apparently, Kodi’s SMB-Code has some serious bugs in it.

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Interesting to know…