Crash when switching TV channels (tvheadend)


My vero4k+ is connected to a tvheadend server (via network). Up till now it was playing fine but since the July update Kodi or OSMC crashes when switching channels. Not every time, but after three or four switches it goes- especially when switching from an SD channel to an HD channel. Sometimes the vero survives the switch, but rather sooner than later the sad face and the restart come.

The tvheadend server is totally unimpressed and keeps running

The debug log is here:

Maybe someone can find the cause for the restarts.


Sounds like you’re hitting the issue described here:

There is a fix but it didnt quite make kodi 18.3.

That seems to be the issue. What I forgot in my description ist, that it happens when I choose the next or the previous channel - as mentioned in the bug report on github.

thanks for pointing it out!

I’ll update the staging repo to top of tree Leia shortly (day or two). Obviously when v18.4 is out, I’ll push that too.