Crash when trying to watch a 4k video

Good day all.

When i try to watch a 4k video on OSMC using my raspberry pi I get a sad face when i press play.
here is a link to my debugging logs
Debug link

Thank you for your help.


You can’t play 4k on RPi.

Oh well that was a easy answer thank you

whilst my logs are there can anyone have a quick look for a check to see if there are any other issues?

I doubt there are. The sad face is expected (although not ideal) behaviour.

You would probably benefit from setting your adjust display refresh rate (settings>player>video) to on start/stop. If you update to the newest version of the OS you will get long-press support on the OSMC remote your using. I’m not seeing anything jumping out at me as an “issue” though.

Thank you

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