Crashed OSMC

I have a RPI2 running OSMC.
Everything was nice until last week when I got an update and it crashed.
I can’t getting to boot up. I’ve tried to edit the cmdline so I can get with SSH in but no luck.
I need to recover all my settings from the system and I don’t know how to do that.
If I put the SD card in my PC I can’t see a linux file struxture.
Please help… How can I recover all the settings files from SD card?

To access files from a Linux ext4 partition on Windows, you’ll need to install some extra software. See here for details.

You’ll then need to make a full copy of /home/osmc.

10x for the hint…
I’ve tryed but It says there are no recoverble files… I will try tomorow in linux to read the sd card so maybe I’ll get more luck with that.
If not… I’m doomed…

Anyway… I have backups but It seems that they don’t work. When I restore them the new system just reboots on and on.

I assume Kodi is restarting (sad face) and not the whole OS reboots, or?
You should be able to SSH in to check what’s going on