Crashes after every update

I recently bought a Vero 4K. I haven’t had the best experience in the past with osmc doing automatic upgrades on my old RPi, so I have just disabled this from the beginning on the Vero.

I usually run the monthly update manually a few days after it has been announced to hopefully avoid any bugs, but I haven’t really had much success with this. Every single update I’ve done goes like this:

  • Go to My OSMC and select the manual update check
  • Updater downloads packages
  • I’m asked if I want to install and it informs me that it will reboot
  • Updates install successfully
  • Device reboots and the UI shows up just fine
  • After 5-10 seconds (ish) the device crashes with the sad smiley
  • Device reboots automatically
  • Everything seems to work and the device is updated

I’m not really sure what is going on - and haven’t given it much thought to begin with since it seems to be working and it could just have been a quirk in a specific update… But considering now that I’ve seen this happen in every single update I’ve done - I’m wondering what is causing it and if I should be worried?

I’ve uploaded logs here - did that immediately after the sad smiley and reboot… Not really sure where to look for clues as to could be wrong, so any help would be appreciated:

It’s nothing to worry about.
Unfortunately I thought I fixed it but seemingly not.

It seems to be caused by the Skin Shortcuts add-on.


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