Crashes on both RP and Vero

Hi Sam and all those on the forum.

First, thanks for working so hard on this whole project.

My second note is about some crashes. I have both a Raspberry Pi V1 512mb and a vero. Since upgrading to the penultimate release (and subsequently after performing a complete re-install on the Vero with the latest version) I have had random crashes which simply hang the user interface of Kodi.

Device: Rasp Pi B/2 + Vero (logs are from Vero)
Installation media: SDcard
Connection: Wired
Power Supply Type: For Vero, the supplied power supply. For Raspberry Pi, the one supplied by RS as part of the bundle

Storage Device SMB only
OSMC version: VERSION_ID=“2015.08-1”
XBMC version:00:00:08 T:1956257792 NOTICE: Starting Kodi (15.1). Platform: Linux ARM (Thumb) 32-bit
00:00:08 T:1956257792 NOTICE: Using Release Kodi x32 build (version for Vero)

Codecs:standard install - i’ve only added an SMB share path on the fresh vero install and suffered a crash whilst re-scanning my SMB share - in fact, i’ve just check and the Vero has frozen just after prompting me with the upload url…
Audio/Video Output: (HDMI
Overclocked: no

LINK to uploaded logs in pastebin : (from Vero)

When the devices are frozen i cannot access via SH and the user interface is frozen too. FYI crash occurred just after 5pm, though not sure exactly when.

All your help much appreciated, thanks, Andy

I’ve uploaded the logs from the second crash (which occurred just after the logs uploaded) to - Vero has crashed again at the prompt with the log location on and has frozen. Another reboot here i come! This is pretty much every time I run the Log Uploader :frowning:

After a few reboots i consistently managed to make the Vero crash by doing a log upload. I have disabled scan library on start in the video settings and now log uploading has not crashed the device.

Once I have started a library scan (and corrected the fact I had TV shows being scanned as if they were movies) I have seen another crash. It seems to be related to media somehow.

How can I grab the log files for AFTER a crash, as when i reboot the
logs collected only seem to have the log since boot which doesn’t seem to help…

Have managed to SSH whilst the GUI is crashed.

Extracted this from a sudo journalctl

Good job on not using pastebin for that post.

Thanks for the helpful reply. I had to copy and paste from SSH console and didn’t know how to upload to pastebin.

instead of pasting here… why not paste to pastebin…

Done, wasn’t even aware I could. Apologies. My technical focus is elsewhere. Post updated. Thanks again for your “advice”

I’ve now removed all the Movies Kodi couldn’t find, and corrected all the library items. Whilst this was unlikely to be the root cause i though it best to at least tidy up. Seems now I can crash Kodi on the Vero by just leaving it showing the “System Information” screen.

More logs here:

(thanks CaNsA for the pastebin reminder…)

Further testing seems to show that this only happens when NOT watching a video of any sort. It only seems to happen when the UI is sitting idle and the errors is consistently the same (GPU). Any ideas? It’s driving me nuts having to keep rebooting a clean install…

It’s a difficult issue to solve that we are quite aware of and have been working quite hard in an attempt to resolve. An additional thread won’t get it fixed any faster.

Interesting - I couldn’t find that thread but thanks for pointingme in the right direction. I guess if the error was in the thread I would have found it, but it was in pastebin and thus didn’t come up in the search I made for the specific error.

Apologies for not catching it…

We are aware of it. Will keep you posted on progress