Crashing (sad face screen) when scraping

In my children’s profile I went to TV shows then update library, th enotification looks like it’s trying to scrap something for Octonauts, but I haven’t put any new Octonauts episodes on their HDD so not sure why it’s even trying to, then I get a said face screen and it reset.
I can do it over and over again.
Thought I’d see what my Master user profile would do, so I scanned after adding an episode of Perfect Strangers and it did the same thing.
Do a search for “Octonauts” and you will see it at the end of the log, some kind of authorization error or something.
Any ideas would be awesome, thanks!

Could it be you use TVDB :wink:

Thanks for the fast reply!
Didn’t know there was a known issue with TVDB right now.
Is there a work around or another scraper you could recommend?
Also, any idea why it’s trying to scrape Octonauts of all things?

You can use The Movie DB for now

Full KODI thread here with possible workarounds and full impact…