Create file OSMC_TGT with source code


I want to create the file OSMC_TGT _ * . Img.gz with source codes on GIT.

On my laptop, I’m on a debian 8, and I type the following commands :

git clone
cd osmc/installer/target
make rbp2

The only mistake I have is :

mv: impossible d'évaluer « INSTALLER/* »: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type

OK, It’s because my directory is empty :wink:

At the end of the make , I have my OSMC_TGT_rbp2_yyyymmdd.img.gz OSMC file in my
directory OSMC/installer/target/buildroot - 2014.05/output/images.

Finally, I use OSMC Installer to put my file created on my SD card.

And there is the drama , my Pi does not start (blue screen) !! :wink:

Where am I wrong?

Thanks for your help.


Please post the full output of the build

Also note that this does not build the image from ‘source’. All this is doing is fetching the latest prebuilt filesystem (which is unstable for Pi), and builds the installer from source with the filesystem embedded in the disk image


The full output of the build is here

And for your information, I have open a defect on dosfstools

At the moment, I do not control the embedded linux to provide a workaround.

Thanks for your help !

Your bug is invalid.

unable to get drive geometry refers to the fact we are using a mapper loopback, not a real device. It does not affect the build process and it appears on mine too.

I was unable to access your logs, please use the OSMC pastebin.

Please note:

  • Running in container virtualised environments is not supported (LXC, OpenVZ), as block level interactions are impaired
  • No guarantee of success under virtualised environments, with exception of KVM which we use daily./


Hi Sam,

Thanks for your information and note.

For my bug and the problem on the build target, i have put my full output on the pastebin (sorry, I didn’t know there were that !). And the url is :
But the output isn’t full !! The output file make 19Mo !
I left the link to the zip file on my site! In case you would need more :

Thanks for your help.


If it’s failing at the move stage, the failure is likely within the last 250 lines. Can you upload just those?


ok :

Thanks for your help !


/dev/mapper/loop0p1: No such file or directory
mkfs.fat 3.0.27 (2014-11-12)
mount: le périphérique spécial /dev/mapper/loop0p1 n’existe pas

I don’t think your kernel supports device mapping


Hi Sam,

It isn’t my kernel, but a synchronization or latency problem. after several research and change script, I has a solution that works with the addition of the command sleep in your script !!

I look for a rational explanation for my problem … maybe just my laptop is no longer young :wink: … like me :smile:

Following my work, I propose this new script that allowed me to work faster on the image building :

Now I have my OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20150819.img.gz file. And in my image file, I have the following tree:

  • bootcode.bin

  • cmdline.txt

  • config.txt

  • filesystem.tar.xz

  • fixup_cd.dat

  • kernel.img

  • start_cd.elf

    I’m missing to complete the construction of an SD card:

  • The file for configuer preesed debian-installer

  • Make a bootable SD card (You use uboot?)

Again thank you for your attention and support!

And for your information : today, the url is broken…


UBoot is not used on Pi and a preseed file is not needed


Ok no uboot ! Can you give me the script for make a bootable SD card with my OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20150819.img.gz file please ?

My file works with the OSMC installer ! Thank for your help !


If you’ve produced an image file, it should be bootable. You just need to dd the uncompress image to a card.