Create own wifi

Hi guys, is Vero 4K able to create its own wifi? Some devices like photo cameras, apple’s MacBooks can do that.
I am trying to use OpenVPN on Vero4k and extend it thru wifi to an AppleTV as there is no VPN on Apple TV

It depends on how your network is configured. How is your Vero currently connected to the network, wired or wireless? How is the AppleTV connected?

Portable hotspot can be created in My OSMC, if that’s what you mean

Yes, “hotspot” was the word…
I tried that but I get an error message when enabling.
It says “Error. Check log…”, but there is nothing in the Kodi log.
Shall I look for some other log?

Vero is on Ethernet, I have Ethernet to Wifi selected, changed ssid name and password.
This box was never connected to wifi, maybe this is the issue?

You need to check system logs sudo journalctl

First I found out that if I turn on the wireless adapter, than I can enable tethering. But the osmc_wifi did not show up in any of my devices. Tried to type on the name in case was hidden but no success.

Second, I tried to connect Vero to my home wifi ( it was on Wired). I disabled wired, enable wireless, after about 2 minutes a list of networks showed up, but I could not connect to my home wifi (a fritzbox)

Third, the system become sluggish, cannot change menus, I have to reboot from ssh.

Forth, after few reboots, with tethering disabled and wireless adapter enabled,
no wireless network shows at all. Seems wireless adapter is dead,

PS life too short for reading 58362 pages of the log journal, and I am not so good in Linux to find out how and what to search for.

Then provide us the opportunity to look at the logs.