Create Separate Default Brightness/Contrast Settings For HD and 4K

Is there a way to set a default Brightness and Contrast level for HD and 4K titles? For 1080p and under I’d like to set the Brightness to 49 with a Contrast of 53, however for all 4K titles I’d like to set a default of 51 and 55, respectively. I’d also like to maintain any customised adjustments so that they are saved on a per title/file basis. For example, while a Brightness of 51 and Contrast of 55 is generally good for most of my 4K titles (being converted from HDR to SDR) there are a few titles that look best with a slightly lower/higher Brightness and Contrast setting.

The reason why I ask is because I have over 130 4K movies and 1000 Blu-ray movies on my media server and I must have done something recently and reset my default settings for all videos. Now everything is set with the same Brightness and Contrast, which isn’t ideal for my current setup.

You will probably find a better answer to this question on the Kodi forms.

Try visit this topic after 4.9 is released. You may find that one setting is all that’s needed for all titles



Looking forward to it. Will we be able to tell the Vero 4K what type of display we’re using (nits) and it’ll do its own auto tone mapping based on the MaxCLL and MaxFALL metadata?

The next update will be better at passing through HDR metadata. Based on users’ feedback from that we may implement some user-selected tonecurves.

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