Creating a wifi network with a Pi in my car

Hi everybody,

I’m looking for ideas here. I just bought a car, which I’m setting up to tour Australia. I’ve been thinking about setting a Pi up in the car so that we can play music from it on the stereo, but also so that we can stream movies of the SMB server (or perhaps play them on a simple screen somewhere. I guess this means I’d have to have a wifi network in my car, in order to have SMB and to be able to control the music on the Pi (with the Yatse app on Android, for example).

Does anybody have any ideas for how to do something like this? Would the tethering option in OSMC work to create a wifi network? Do I need a router (I’d prefer to do it without, for obvious reasons)? Which dongle should I get? How can I power the Pi?

The car is a LandCruiser 80 by the way, for those who are interested :slightly_smiling:

Use the wifi hotspot on your mobile device to create the network. By far the easiest way to do this. Also, in my experience, connecting the phone to a wifi network created by the pi with no internet connect, means the phone does without any data connection while connected.

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should also invest in a raspberry pi ups so when you cut the power it doesnt just shut off and cause corruption