Creating an HD encrypted partition - error


I have a 4TB HD drive (with 2 partitions) attached to my Vero 4K+
I tried to encrypt partition 2 using the command
sudo cryptsetup -y -v luksFormat /dev/sdaX
but kept getting an error.
Then I tried doing the same thing on my PC (MX Linux) and successfully created the encrypted partition.

But when I try to access the encrypted partition when attached Vero, I get an error: paste-bin

I’m a linux noob, but it seems the customised debian/the kernel has a problem with cryptsetup?

Any advice would be appreciated

Figured it out, in case it may help anyone, this command works:

sudo cryptsetup -y -v --type luks1 luksFormat /dev/sdaX

That is, using the --type luks1