Creating and shuffling video playlists?

Hi everyone. I have a very simple question but I can’t figure my answer out. I’ve installed OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 3 and I’ve plugged in my HDD with a lot of series on it. How do I create a playlist in which all these series are included?

If I click on ‘New intelligent playlist…’ and after adding keywords that the titles should contain clicking on ‘Ok’, the keyword browse screen just pops up again. I can see no other button for adding something to the playlist. If I click on ‘browse’, there’s nothing displayed, regardless of whether I type something or not.

I’m sure that everything (else) is running smooth since I can easily play vids from my HDD…

My second question is about shuffling: is there a way to shuffle the playlist you’re playing?

Of course I’ve looked at the Wiki but that didn’t help at all, seems to me it is written for running OSMC on other things than an RPi. I’m obviously a noob in this but really… this should be simple, but for me it isn’t. Can anyone help me out or give me a good referral?

Thanks a lot in advance!