Criterion Collection plug-in?

Is anyone working on an app for streaming the Criterion Collection? My local public library offers free access with a library card, it would be really cool to watch through OSMC (I’m running a Raspberry Pi 3).

If there is no plug-in in the works, is there a way to easily access a web browser in order to stream? I know that the legendary Netflix plug-in regularly breaks, and this might be a way around that as well.

To be clear, I’m not talking about illegally accessing these streaming sites, just being able to log in with an account through OSMC.

We believe this is a Kodi issue or a specific Kodi function and as such you should look at addressing the issue there. We are unable to resolve your issue. If you do believe that this is an OSMC specific issue, please let us know.

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Thanks, I’ve reposted there. Link: [Criterion Collection app/plug-in]